Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Halloween

We took a trip one dark and very muddy night with our neighbor's, the Smith's and the Smith's to Screams before Halloween. We had such a good time. We were soooo muddy before the night was over. Take a look at the pic of the headstone "Smith". Weird.......hum. Thanks Mark for staying up so late with all of us and still making it to work early the next morning.

For Halloween Jorja was a Fairy Princess and she went trick or treating with her new friend "Kitty." Now she asks every day to see "Kitty."
The neighbors and us decided to dress 80's style for Halloween this year. We had a blast fixing up our guys. They looked, well, odd.....check out the tube socks - we had to color the stripes with sharpie's because we couldn't find any actual tube socks. Thank you babe, Mark and Roy for being such good sports.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Putting An End To Summer

Wow - I can't believe how long its been since the last time I've sat down to blog. I always think about it but my crazy life with a toddler doesn't allow much free time anymore. Free time means it's time to get to bed early or balance the checkbook, therefore I keep putting blogging off until a later time.

Since the last time you've heard from our family we have celebrated the Fourth of July at Lake Arlington. That was the first and last time we will ever do something that stupid again. We had no idea we couldn't park by the lake. Instead we had to park about five miles away and stand in line for a schoolbus to take us to the lake. Me, Jorja, Moises, Little Debbie and the huge stroller and tote bag full of goodies. It was hot and miserable. An hour and a half later we got to the lake and stood in line for delicious food, it took forty-five minutes!!!! We finally got the our blanket to sit down and eat and then the show started up. We only watched for fifteen minutes and then it was time to pack up and walk up this huge hill to the busses if we wanted to get out of there at a decent hour. Of course we had to again wait in line another hour an a half. The fifteen minutes of rest/eat/firework spectacular was soooo not worth the trip. I better come up with a better plan next year.

Moises took a Friday off and the three of us headed off to Hawaiian Falls in Mansfield. We picked a perfect day to go. Not a lot of kids there that day but a lot of mother's with toddlers. Jorja had so much fun. It was perfect for her. She went down slide after slide. She kept dunking herself under water. Moises laughed and I paniced every time. Jorja would come up smiling and ready to go under again. I never got comfortable with her being submerged in water but she loved every second of it.

My mom stayed with us this summer for several weeks. I have some cute pics we took when she was here. Jorja got these hand-me-down snow boots which are too big for her but she wanted them on everyday for a few weeks. Here are some pics where she pranced around the backyard in them-mind you it's almost 100 degrees -

We bought Jorja this swing in Canton and her Grandpa painted it for her. We chose the color orange and we'll put it on our patio next year but for now it's in the house. Jorja takes her babies and places them on the swing laying down and rocks them. It's so precious to watch.

Jorja also had her first night in her big full size bed. For some reason she sleeps much better there than in her crib. Can you believe she's only slept through the night seven times. Ouch! We are in need of a few good nights sleep around here.

Jorja isn't happy with something Grammy did or didn't do. These little pouty faces just kill me.

Grammy took some pics of Jorja out front during our landscaping adventure which is still going on by the way....who has the time for this stuff? She loves to sit and eat dirt or play in the mud. She comes outside dressed but must go back in the house with only a diaper on.

We drove down to Austin a couple of weekends ago to see Grandma Toni. We headed out on saturday to Austin's Botanical Gardens. It was beautiful and hot...and humid...Below are a few of my favorite pictures. Jorja is at the age where I can't get her attention for a picture.

I guess this pretty much sums up the summer. I'm sure I have a few more stories and pics around. I'll post them when I have more time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Dixon Family Reunion

We had the Dixon Family Reunion in early June. It's a one day affair which involves potluck and lots catching up with family. This year was the first year Grandma Dixon wasn't there which made it bitter sweet. We always have a good time visiting with everyone but there's never enough time to catch up on everything. Here are some pictures of our day at the lake.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Arkansas Family Reunion

At the end of June we made the yearly trip to Arkansas for a long weekend of relaxation. This year was our year to host the reunion (families take turns yearly), this means cleaning, making drinks, cleaning, cooking and more cleaning. It's nice that our turn only comes around once every four years. Of course we had the best time. I think Moises enjoys the reunion as much as I do. Jorja was only four weeks old last year when we went so this year was much more fun filled for her. We did have a chance to take her over to the sandy beach to play. She was born a water-baby you know. The lake was right up her alley. Here are some pictures of our trip.

These are the guys just getting started.... and Jorja with Uncle David catching some Zzzz's.

Visit from Grammy

Grammy came in from Childress for Jorja's Birthday Party and stayed with us a week, we tried to keep her here a little longer. Her and Jorja were hanging out in the backyard together. Here are some of those moments captured on camera. Jorja must have really enjoyed Grammy being here because she started calling her Mama -

Jorja's 1st Birthday Party

Jorja's 1st Birthday Party was so much fun. A big "Thank you" goes out to all of you who were able to attend and help make this event perfect! We rented a bounce house and a margarita machine. I didn't think Jorja would get much use out of either of those things but I thought it would keep the other children and adults occupied. It turned out Jorja loved the bounce house. She even crawled up the landing and into the house on her own. Grammy Dixon made her beautiful Tinkerbell cake. Thank you Tammy-it was gorgeous! Jorja had to have a bath after demolishing her cake.

Since Jorja's big party was a couple of weeks after her official birthday, her Granny wanted us to go out for dinner and celebrate her big day. Here are a few pics of that event. We went to our favorite little mexican place, Los Lupes.